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Paypal In Bangladesh

Paypal is the most widely used payment system on the Internet. Unfortunately Paypal does not support Bangladesh. This means that talented Bangladeshi freelancers and other indivisuals are facing problem to send and receive money via paypal. In my own experience, most of buyers wants to pay with paypal because of flexibility and simplity. At first I was so frusted and last two years I have personally been writing to Ebay/PayPal, but have never received a reply, which in this day and age, is quite disappointing.


International Master Card

I have an International Master Card which is acceptable all over the world. And I can withdraw money from any ATM both around the world (Included Bangladesh).

Update: 11/04/2013
This is one of the backdated article. I wrote this article around 2008.
You may find this page using Google Search.
This article mainly focused on Problem for Freelancer in Bangladesh.
I am getting phone calls that not relative to this Article. So, I am requesting the reader-
** Please do not call me to know about Paypal, all informations is available on Paypal website
** Please do not call me to making payment on behalf of you. If you are freelancer, you can order this card (Payoneer) from your odesk Account.

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